How to Save Money in the USA

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We trawl the internet to find the best deals on everything! Products on Amazon, holidays, insurance Рwhatever it is we will highlight some amazing deals and bargains for you. But not only that, we also provide general money saving advice and tips in all areas of life. Check the recent posts on the right hand side to see the latest money saving articles.

There Are Several Ways to Save Money

Yes there are many different ways to save money, and this website lists many of those ways. But you need to know where to look to find where savings are to be had.

Perhaps the first thing you should do is to get rid of all your absolutely unnecessary expenses. These may include buying lunch each day (when you could be having a packed lunch), eating out or having takeouts (takeaways) at the weekend, magazine and newspaper subscriptions (get your news online or at the local library), cable or satellite TV (there are many more productive things to do than watch TV!).

In fact, if you sit down and think of all the unnecessary expenses you incur every month and eliminate them you may find you can save hundreds of dollars every month!

To start you off here are some more simple money saving tips that you can implement almost immediately:

  • Use your bike rather than take the car: If at all possible get your bike out and use that instead of taking the car. Gas seems to be increasing in cost almost daily, so this would save you serious money – especially if you tend to take the car for short journeys, which is when they use more gas. Using your bike would also have the additional benefit of making you fitter and healthier – as a result you may even save money on health care!
  • Try not¬†to waste water: Shower rather than bath; fix any leaks; don’t run the tap when you brush your teeth; Don’t use a hose when you wash your car. These small changes will save you money on water and energy costs!
  • Don’t buy so much stuff!: How many things have you bought which you really didn’t need? Could you have borrowed some things rather than bought them yourself? Use a library instead of buying books perhaps?
  • Turn the TV off properly: Turn the TV off property instead of leaving it on standby. Leaving a TV on standby uses nearly the same amount of energy as when it is on properly. In fact, try not to watch so much TV and go for a walk instead? You would also get the health and fitness benefits the same as using you bike (as above).

Quick shopping tip: Always hunt for the bargains.

If you have to buy something try to get it as cheaply as possible. Some examples: buy fruit that is in season. Fruit is always cheaper when it is in season and in plentiful supply. Don’t buy a new car – cars lose half their value in the first 3 years so why not invest in a 3 year old one instead? Buy the supermarket “own brand” products rather than name brand products – they are often half the cost for essentially the same thing!

And when shopping online (which is a good thing to do as most items are cheaper if you source them online) you can also look for the bargains. We all have occasions when we need to buy gifts and presents (weddings, anniversaries, birthdays etc). Somewhere like Amazon actually contains many highly discounted products which are still high quality and which would make excellent gifts. You can get up to 99% off selected products at Amazon here.